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GEFASOFT's headquarters in Regensburg

GEFASOFT's headquarters in Regensburg

GEFASOFT Automatisierung und Software GmbH develops, manufactures and sells automation systems for complex tasks in all industrial sectors. Our core competence are applications with state-of-the-art image processing and laser systems. The focus is on the worldwide automotive, semiconductor and electronics industries as well as medical technology. In these industries we enable the automated production of large quantities with the highest quality requirements.

Both image processing (vision) and laser technology are key technologies in modern, industrial manufacturing. Years of experience in image processing have provided us with an exact knowledge which criteria a lighting controller must fulfil: it must be reliable, the driven lighting must always provide the same brightness and it must be easy to use.

Based on these criteria, as well as the lack of available alternatives on the market, we developed our first lighting controller with constant current source over 20 years ago. Due to the progressive development in the field of LED technology, we have continually further improved our controllers. Initially we developed only for our own needs. But more than 10 years ago, we took the next step and released the first generation of the LUCON® controllers and offered them on the market. Since then the LUCON® lighting controller has been constantly improved and the product portfolio has grown steadily.

We are not just a developer of lighting controllers. We are also our own customer. LUCON® lighting controllers are used by us worldwide - in almost every automation system that leaves our building. Initially, the LUCON® lighting controller was only used in our own machines and systems. However, it continued to develop rapidly and is now successfully used worldwide by various, globally known companies.

But we don’t just want to develop light controllers and products based on our requirements. Share your requirements and wishes for light controllers with us so that we can improve our products and expand our product portfolio. We would be happy to develop a solution for your task together with you. Get in touch with us!